The Most In-Depth QuickBooks Multicurrency Training Available

Multicurrency in QuickBooks Desktop, written by Esther Friedberg Karp, the world’s foremost authority on Multicurrency and QuickBooks, will teach you everything you need to know. It is the only book of its kind that teaches you how QuickBooks treats foreign currency transactions, all the tricks, all the tips, and how to deal with foreign business as an expert.

Learn how to use Multicurrency in QuickBooks the correct way. Today

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The world’s foremost authority on Multicurrency and QuickBooks

Step-by-Step Training & Explanations

The book uses plain English terminology for non-accounting types as well as accounting terms for accountants, bookkeepers, consultants and aspiring QuickBooks ProAdvisors.

Screenshots Guide You Through It

You'll get easy-to-follow training with text and screen captures from the world's leading authority in QuickBooks Multicurrency: Top Trainer and Top International ProAdvisor Esther Friedberg Karp of EFK CompuBooks Inc.

Real Life Data

Use your own practice files or purchase one of ours (for each of the US and Canadian versions of QuickBooks Desktop) for testing out the multicurrency functions and following the steps.

Are you in "Excel hell" trying to track
sales or expenses in other currencies?

Look no further

Are you either an accounting professional or a QuickBooks small-to-medium sized business end user? And are you confused by how to use QuickBooks with more than one currency and stop the flow of red ink?

How about self-paced deep drive training on multicurrency in QuickBooks from the master?

Selected course topics include:

  • Introduction to Multicurrency in QuickBooks Desktop/Online
  • Why Do you Need Multicurrency (and Why You Might Not)
  • How to Set up Multicurrency in QuickBooks Desktop/Online
  • Currencies and Exchange Rates
  • Sales in Foreign Currency
  • Purchases in Foreign Currency
  • Maintaining Foreign Price Lists
  • Transfers between Currencies
  • Home Currency Adjustments
  • Troubleshooting
  • Multicurrency Reporting
  • …and more!

Multicurrency in QuickBooks Desktop - Kindle EditionThe Most In-Depth QuickBooks Multicurrency Training Available

How can this book help you

Are you in “Excel hell” trying to track sales or expenses in other currencies? Are you using QuickBooks Desktop? Are you confused by how to use QuickBooks with more than one currency? Do you need to stop the flow of red ink?

Not knowing how QuickBooks Desktop tracks foreign currency transactions means a lot of work at year-end trying to detangle the mess of meaningless QuickBooks data. Foreign currency is often ignored until it’s too late and then the company is out of business.

This book covers what tech support, knowledge base articles, and YouTube videos don’t: how to create custom reports that give you the exact information you need, where and why workarounds might be required (and how to employ them), and how to use Multicurrency the way QuickBooks was designed to be used.

Grow your business & offer more

End users can set up and use Multicurrency properly for their companies, and not wait until after year-end to find out what areas of the business need attention or new strategies. They can communicate with foreign customers and vendors in their own currencies as needed, and QuickBooks can keep track of gains and losses behind the scenes automatically.

Then goods and services can be priced properly to avoid losses, even when exchange rates fluctuate. This is the business owner’s Standard Operating Procedure manual for all things foreign currency in QuickBooks Desktop.

Accounting professionals can grow their practices by using this book as their own Standard Operating Procedure manual, to guide them in taking on and servicing a new tier of larger, international clients.