"Dear Esther, thanks so much for a great session. You are an amazing resource for the QB Community and I feel lucky to have had your help. I look forward to working with you again soon!"
Rohini Kukreja, CPA
Intown Accounting Solutions
“When I was researching to find a QuickBooks expert, I found very few who had multi currency expertise. Then I stumbled on to Esther - who has literally written the book (e.g., several articles) on the topic. She is an absolute expert who has helped save me hours and hours on figuring out how to manage my properties that are located in multiples countries. Esther also has a no nonsense style that will appeal to anyone. I am very lucky to have Esther as my advisor!”
Marc Buchsbaum, Fortune 100 executive, Owner
multiple rental properties, multiple locations, multiple currencies
"Esther, I feel elated...I am truly pleased to deal with someone who has an open mind because you can look at the picture from different angles and realize that there is more than one way to get to the desired target."
Laurie Rhoden, Accountant
Humber Community Seniors’ Services Inc., Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"Esther, I can't thank you enough...you have really helped us out. There is a big spot for you in fitness heaven."
Julie Twynham, Principal
WaterART Fitness International, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"Esther, you are a fantastic person! I think the world needs more great people like you! You are helpful, intelligent and personable too. You've been so helpful in solving some rather difficult problems-even when I gave up hope-you didn't. And thanks so much for the great referrals-it's so nice when things work out without a lot of fuss. Honest, decent people are so hard to come by, which is why I will continue to recommend you to everyone I know. You seem to really care about your clients-which is so refreshing. Don't ever change! Three cheers for you!"
Sandy Hiller, Office Manager
WaterART Fitness International, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"Esther, your previous help was absolutely great. I want to thank you for simplifying the accounting package. It has been the single most benefit to enabling me to 'see' the software package. "
Marlene Nixon, Principal
Tractorland, Keswick, Ontario, Canada
"Dear Esther - thank you so much for your help - again! It gives me great peace of mind to know that I can count on your excellent assistance whenever I have QuickBooks problems. Please forward your invoice to us , you are worth every penny we pay you! Best regards,"
Karin Taylor, Accountant
City Water International Inc., Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"Esther, you're a magician. That's all I can say. Once again, you're the best!"
Lori Neumann, Office Manager
The Lightning Group, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"Esther, your deductive powers are amazing!"
Michael Kreidstein, MD, MSc, FRCS(C)
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"Esther, you have trained me how to use QuickBooks -- I can't even balance my own chequebook!! You have always answered my phone calls, or returned my calls, as soon as possible and answered the smallest to the largest questions I have had regarding QuickBooks, no matter how insignificant they were, without EVER making me feel as if I should already know the answers. You have calmed me down when I was sure I couldn't get through the tax preparation for my employer (and saved me from eating five pounds of chocolate!). You are absolutely the smartest, calmest, professional person I have dealt with in a long time and you have a great sense of humour! You are, without a doubt, the Queen of QuickBooks, the Goddess of Getting Organized!! Thank you for all your help, patience and training -- I will always appreciate the time you spent with me."
Carol Moscoe, Office Administrator
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"Whether you are computer literate or computer illiterate, and need help in either case, you need Esther Friedberg Karp. Esther is an amazing teacher, trainer and guide. She starts with the requisite knowledge in accounting practices and taxation regulation, having acquired an MBA from York University, and she has advanced that education into the fields of computer skills, software, and application. In no time at all, Esther can walk you through a program that until then has had you stumped, with the result that you will subsequently feel confident and capable. She can select the precise software that suits your company needs and train the staff to its most beneficial usage. Or she will start from scratch for those newly entering the business world without any previous accounting experience, and set them on the right course. In other words, Esther is a customizer. And she is also a wonderful teacher. A good teacher is one who assumes that you do not know what she knows, and has the patience to convey her knowledge and approach. Esther lets each client's specific ability to learn dictate the pace. Where there has been fear of computer procedures before, after Esther's training there is comfort. Esther makes the whole learning process enjoyable. Truthfully, she makes it fun. Moreover, Esther is there for you when and where you need her. She is reliable, loyal, and committed. You can sit back and let her take over your accounting tasks completely, or you can devise a combined program with Esther's partial contribution to your system. You name it, Esther will figure the best approach. The multi-talents of Esther Friedberg Karp are invaluable, as you will find out for yourself when you avail yourself of the CompuBooks Business Services."
Professor Sally F. Zerker
York University and the Ontario Energy Board
"Thank You!!! Esther, Your fix worked like a charm. Thanks for the speedy efficient advice. If the Flying Wallendas had a safety net like you they would still be doing that 7 man pyramid shtick. I was kvetching about this for 3 weeks & thanks to you it took less than 5 minutes to fix. Next time we screw something up I'll contact you right away. Thanks again."
Richard Sirisko, DDS.
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
"Esther is a life-saver; her quick thinking and innovative ideas have helped us in our transition to the computer and web environment! Thanks Esther for all your help!"
Terri-Lynn & Angie Torti
Teamsters Local 647, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"As brand new entreprenuers without any accounting background, we needed somebody who could set up a small business accounting package and help us implement the proper checks and balances that would enable us to meet our reporting requirements and track our books. CompuBooks has been the perfect fit for us. (Esther) picked the right software, trained us in both basic accounting principles and software usage and has provided excellent customer service and response time. Her ability to meet our accounting needs has given us the opportunity to focus on growing our business."
Judith & Leanne
Founders of Childish Notions Inc., Thornhill, Ontario, Canada
"Even though the program [QuickBooks] itself provides lots of short cuts...I can't help but give more of the credit to my teacher: Esther. Her unending patience and teaching methods make it easy to learn. She is nothing less than a miracle worker! Each time she has come to my rescue -- whenever I presented her with an issue that seemed to be unresolvable, she didn't just assess it and say she'd get back to me with the answer -- she solved it on the spot! Our company books are now in such fantastic condition. It feels wonderful! Without hesitation I would recommend Esther, whether it's to teach or to just uncomplicate accounting issues and resolve problems. .... and when it comes to monthly bank reconciliations, she rules!"
Lori Neumann, Office Manager
The Lightning Group, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"Esther's ease and comfort level with QuickBooks shines through. She listens to your needs. She makes it simple, effortless and fun to learn and apply QuickBooks. I would recommend Esther to anyone who wants to understand accounting."
Sulata Barnes, Office Manager
TurboPromote Inc., Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"QuickBooks used to intimidate me until one day Esther walked into my life...Esther is a joy to work with while learning how to do your job more efficiently. My blood pressure has dropped and my ulcers are disappearing since Esther came along. Thank God for you !"
Helen Barbosa, Office Manager
Dupont Heating Co. Ltd., Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"Esther's teaching style made it easy for me to understand QuickBooks. She customized the course to my needs, and presented the features in logical, clear manner. My accounting books are so organized now and easy to use! I can now focus 100% on my business!"
Grace Van Wissen
Skilltrain Computer Training Inc., Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"Dear Esther: We would like to thank you most sincerely for all your help in setting up and teaching us QuickBooks. You were very patient and understanding with us considering our lack of computer skills. You made it a very easy transition from a manual to a computerized system. We also appreciate your promptness in returning our calls for help and for always making yourself readily available. Please feel free to use us as a reference to your professionalism and expertise anytime. Sincerely,"
Sharon Gold and Fiona Solo, Drs. Steven Gold and Peter Solo
Optometrists, Thornhill, Ontario, Canada.
"Esther did not 'waste' one minute of my time. She Came...she Saw...then I Conquered QuickBooks in a matter of a few hours! Her up-to-date knowledge of Revenue Canada requirements and the accounting programs is awesome. I have referred her to colleagues who have thanked me for a great resource. Esther will also do continuing support so you feel well taken care of. She is worth every penny of her fair fees!"
Robert Simonsky M.Sc., DDS.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"Thanks, Esther...You are a life saver....For you, anything!"
Charles E. Palasty, Senior Vice President
Concepts on Wheels Ltd., Thornhill, Ontario, Canada
"In case I haven’t said it thank you so very much for all your help. It has been invaluable."
Elaine J. Cukier
ViBE Dance and Fitness Studio Inc., Thornhill, Ontario, Canada
"You are amazing. I'm convinced you know QuickBooks better than the people who invented it. I can't believe how much easier [the program is to use] already. Thanks for your help."
Donna Davidson, Director
Puppy People Ltd., Thornhill, Ontario, Canada
"Esther, I love my system and think of you often when I can do so much with a little push of a button."
Sharon Cherniak, Speech & Language Pathologist
Kids Can Communicate!, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"I had worked with two different accounting firms and one bookkeeper over the past couple of years and although they each offered experience in their respective areas, I was missing a couple of essential components, a Business Management Professional and a Software Specialist. I was fortunate to stumble upon an article written by (Esther) about QuickBooks and its application to a restaurant business. This article was extremely helpful in itself, but moreover, I was able to contact you about three other businesses that I was managing in QuickBooks, each being quite unique (not to mention the MYOB conversion which had gone awry). Before our first meeting I was looking forward to sorting through the paperwork and partial computer entries with about as much excitement as I might towards a root canal! Instead I was greeted with a warm smile and a great amount of expertise. In a short six hours, literally, we had two companies sorted out and I look forward to diving into the next two. I refer to my appointments with you as “me time”; some people go to a spa to unwind but my happy place is your office; that is where I receive the information and thoughtful guidance I need to get the business behind the business back in order." Your high level of commitment to your clients is obvious and noteworthy. Your expertise and ability to share this knowledge are a gift. Once again, thank you for sharing it with me and do not hesitate to use me as a reference in the future. PS: If one hasn’t been authored yet perhaps an instructional variation of “Chicken Soup for the Business Owners Soul” is in your future? Just a thought!"
Dolores Daly, Co-Owner, Sidekicks Cafe, Markdale & Dragonsong Stables, Caledon, Ontario; Administrator, Tom Daly Naturopathic Doctor & Belmont Natural Health Centre, Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
"Thank you (Esther) so much for all of your help & support. You are a life saver!"
Danielle Sooley
Sooley & Associates, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"Esther, Absolutely, I am finding each time that I request assistance from you that you are prompt and give explicit instructions. Thank you ever so much. "
Susan Champion
First Northern Equity Group Inc., Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
"A big THANKS for your help ... Esther, you're the best!!!!!"
Patsy Moss
Linx Distribution, Thornhill, Ontario, Canada
"How do you write a testimonial for a true professional, who has already received all the praise and recognition, which she so well deserves? As a professional, she is superb. Nobody knows QuickBooks better than Esther. She also defies the old saying, that “only someone, who knows something very well, can explain it in such a way, so that nobody will understand it”. She will explain it clearly, concisely, in a language that everybody will understand. As a person, she is a pleasure to work with. Her enthusiasm is catching and motivating. One just doesn’t find a more knowledgeable and nicer consultant, who will turn your frustration (with the challenges of QB) into an enjoyable (and profitable) learning experience. "
Alex Revai, President
Productivity Solutions, Thornhill, Ontario, Canada
"As the Vice President of IT for our company, I was asked to find someone who could update our Canadian QuickBooks program for our Controller. We also needed to purchase a US version, have both installed, registered and provide training. I wanted to find someone who understood the IT aspects of QuickBooks, as well as having a thorough understanding of the programs. Through my research I spoke to several potential candidates, and Esther stood out from the crowd. After speaking with Esther and viewing her website, I knew she would be the perfect fit for us. We were not disappointed! Esther completed everything we needed to get done, professionally and timely. And she was a joy to work with. Our controller is very happy, I'm happy, and all was perfect. Thank you, Esther, for a project finely executed. I highly recommend Esther Friedberg Karp to anyone who requires her skills....... (She is) terrific and a true professional who knows her stuff."
Jane French, Vice President
Northern Lights Direct Response Television, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"Esther, it never ceases to amaze me, how much more empowered I feel..."
Marlene Robinson, Marketing Manager
HoneyFig.com, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"We learned more in two hours with (Esther) than we had learned in the previous two years."
John A. Clark, C.A., Financial Controller
Canadian Youth Business Foundation, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"Just a quick follow-up to say thank you for everything! Esther, we are so happy you could come today, and thank you for all your great work."
Jane French, Vice President
Northern Lights Direct Response Television, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"I think you are a wonderful teacher. You are very thorough and clear in your teaching and you are easy to learn from. You are excited about the product and that's contagious. I appreciated the fact that you quickly caught on to what we would need from QuickBooks and what we would not, and you never wasted my time in teaching me things that I didn't need. At the same time, you gave me a glimpse of what we can do with the program once we get used to it. So, thank you Esther - I am thoroughly happy with you! "
Laura Kargov
Entro Communications, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"Esther, you are brilliant!"
Cindy R. Finley, President
UTEX Scientific Instruments, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
"Esther, we all think you are just the greatest."
Linda Blayney
Lorac Wines, Toronto, Ontario, Canada