Success Stories

"We had an awesome guest on ...multicurrency that has changed my ... approach to selling a new product / service leveraging that new knowledge. ...Esther rocks!"

"I was referred to Esther Friedberg as the ... multicurrency expert and that is correct. We scheduled a 15-minute phone call, where I explained my issues, and soon after we scheduled an hour of a zoom meeting. She walked me through step by step the process using ... multicurrency, explained to me with live entries. It was super easy to follow and understand her. We had extra time to review other topics and provided me a copy of our recorded training. So I can refer to it at any point I might need a refresher. Thank you, Esther, for your expertise in the topic!"

"[Esther] You are amazing. I'm convinced you know QuickBooks better than the people who invented it. I can't believe how much easier [the program is to use] already."