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Feedback From Participants:

  • Now I know what I’ve been missing.
  • This was a very good session.
  • Awesome!!!! The examples were extremely helpful.
  • Amazing!!!
  • Very informative. Esther is a very energetic presenter.
  • I like to learn comparisons of different apps.
  • Great content and she was so upbeat and engaging. Really learned a lot! Thank you for a great session!
  • Good information, appreciate the perspective.
  • Excellent presentation. Esther does not disappoint.
  • Speaker was high energy.
  • Esther was an engaging and relatable speaker. She made me feel that I too could learn to create Zaps!
  • The room seemed excited by the possibilities! Presenter did well, and engaged others in the room who were experienced with connecting other apps.
  • Loved this session!!! Esther did a really great job!!